New differentials do not come with fill bolts
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Here at Mud'N Wheels, we have taken the problematic stock gen 2 differential, and built them into what we like to call the G 2.0. Our differentials have been proven in the Championship Mud Racing pits, behind big bores, and with NOS. Through our extensive knowledge we have eliminated the premature pinion bearing wear and pinion tooth wear. Your new G 2.0 will get you back on the trail or in the mud and do what your Can Am was meant to do.

The G 2.0 will fit any 2012 and newer Renegade XXC or XC and Outlander XT and L Models WILL NOT FIT 2019 TO PRESENT MODELS. YOU NEED THE XMR DIFFERENTIAL. We recommend this diff in bikes with:

  • Max 30 inch tire size
  • Full clutching
  • Programmers
  • Full exhaust kits
  • Max 2 inch lift

PLEASE NOTE : New differentials do not come with a fill bolt.

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