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New differentials do not come with fill bolts
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Mud'nWheels conversion kits now come with the XMR TORQUE SERIES REAR DIFFS. THESE ARE THE STRONGEST Can-Am diffs we have to offer

For the guys with the the monster built Gen 2 Outlanders and Renegades, this kit is for you. The XMR Torque Series conversion kit finds itself right at home behind big bores, nitrous, big lifts, and huge tires. This is the most complete kit on the market. First, you get a brand new XMR TORQUE SERIE Diff that has been built to the highest standards by Mud'N Wheels. Then, a new short prop shaft to fit any Gen 2 short chassis outty or gade with the correct transmission yoke to fit either the 650, 800, or 1000 transmission. This kit now comes with the new Mud N Wheels torque shaft! guaranteed to be phased correctly to less than half a degree, straightened and balanced. What's the big deal you may ask. Well this will help with pinion seal leaks and make your new torque series diff even tougher.

PLEASE NOTE : New differentials do not come with a fill plug.

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